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  • What's in my box?
    You will receive every 3 months a babywear essentials kit made with care : 4 onsies according to season, 2 pajamas designes by a local designer just for your baby and 2 sleep sacks twice a year for the Premium Box subscribers. The colors of the apparel day vary. Why don't I choose the looks myself? Oh no, that would spoil the whole surprise effect and don't forget: we are here to simplify your life from A to Z. The concept was created precisely to remove the shopping chore from your TO DO LIST, simplify your life and fully enjoy your kids. Have no fear, our clothes are basic and practical.
  • When will I receive my box?
    We understand how excited you are to receive your box, and surely you want it to arrive just in time for your baby's growth spurt. You will receive your first box at the end of the month preceding your starting date. The follwoing boxes will follow the same pattern so you always get your essentials a little bith ahead of time.
  • When can I subscribe for the box?
    A limited quantity of boxes will be released a few time a year. Once you are a subscriber, your are guaranteed to receive your essentials every 3 months for the chosen duration of your subscription. For new subscribers follow us on Instagram, the release announcement will show up there! Why can't I subscribe anytime? We are a small business and my aim to prone slow fashion. We work with local partners and limited quantities, at a conscious pace.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Change your mind anytime and suspend or cancel your subscription in 1 click. Go to my account > my subscriptions > suspend or cancel. We just ask you for a 30 days heads up to be able to ensure you don't receive your next delivery.
  • Where do you deliever?
    Anywhere in Canada! We are a local small business located in Montreal. However, there may be an extra delivery fee depending on your province.
  • I want to be part of the second hand program
    As our mission is towards slow fashion and durability and because we love our planet, we will be launching in 2024 a second hand program offering you preloved boxes. If you want to be part of that program as a donor or as a client, send me an email at
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