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Babywear Essentials Subscription Boxes at Your Doorstep

The 0-2 years clothing box that follows

you through every growth spurt

How It Works


Choose your box

Choose your box according to your needs in babywear essentials and  the size of your child. We offer brand new and ''like new''. Pick what is best for you.


Select Your Subscription

For you to be able to enjoy the full length of our offer and because our philosophy is towards responsible fashion we ask for a minimum of 1 year subscription. All pieces are chosen with care based on demand.


Enjoy Monthly Delivery

Receive your box every three months at your door step. Take the option of sending back your last box's clothing so another baby can use them and get 10% off your next box!

Why choose BB.Box ?


Relieve mental load

Parents are busy. It's a pleonasm. Liberate mental space and let us take care of providing you your baby's essentials all year long.


Give quality

We work hard to ensure that not only our products are soft for your baby but also for the planet. Every box is filled with durable and safe products. Enjoy worry free!

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Have an impact

As parents, we all want to work towards a brighter futur for our kids. Send us your used boxes with the furnished return tag and be part of our second hand program.

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Our Boxes

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